CertifAI Joins MISSION AI Initiative

CertifAI wins the tender by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and acatech to join the MISSION AI initiative, partnering with top firms to develop test criteria and standards for AI.

The European
AI Testing & Certification Company

Bridging the gap between AI innovation and regulatory needs.


Why test and certify your AI-system?

In the dynamic landscape of AI, certification is not only a regulatory requirement but a competitive advantage. Through our unique testing and assessment methods, we empower businesses to launch with confidence, operate with integrity, and thrive in today's complex regulatory markets.
COnformity Assessments

Unlock market access with conformity assessments. We ensure legal compliance and alignment with the required standards.

Liability Shield 

Protect your organization and management with our independent third-party testing, mitigating potential risks and legal challenges. Our thorough analysis and certification offers a strong shield against liability concerns, enhancing overall security and trust.


Strengthen confidence among end consumers, suppliers, and investors by showcasing the safety and quality of your AI products. Our certification serves as a mark of excellence, enhancing your appeal in target markets, acquisitions and investment opportunities.


Comprehensive AI Product Testing & Certification Solutions

We harness technological innovation to establish trust and safety standards. Experience state-of-the-art testing methodologies that ensure performance while anticipating the upcoming regulations about AI testing and certification.

CertifAI is your global partner throughout the entire lifecycle of product-based AI solutions, committed to expand AI Testing and Certification services along the rapidly changing regulatory landscape to assure your global market access.


AI Testing & Readiness Assessments

AI Testing & Readiness Assessments

AI Testing and Readiness Assessments

Employing rigorous methodologies, we independently assess AI functionalities to ensure they meet the quality and regulatory standards necessary for market deployment. We evaluate - use case specific -aspects of the AI solutions, such as model robustness, data quality, and risk management as well as adherence to the necessary protocols with the ultimate aim of facilitating market readiness.  



Certifiation of AI Products


Our comprehensive approach involves rigorous assessments against evolving industry benchmarks, ethical frameworks, and legal requirements. Through an independent and thorough examination, we grant certification only to AI products that meet the defined criteria.


Re-Certification & Monitoring

Re-Certification & Monitoring

Re-Certification & Monitoring

Our Re-Certification and Monitoring services guarantee continued compliance with established standards and guidelines. Through monitoring tools and individual evaluation methods, we address potential biases, security vulnerabilities, and performance fluctuations that may arise over time. We empower organizations to confidently deploy AI systems that maintain their integrity, fairness, and effectiveness throughout their operational lifecycles.


Our target Industries

Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, AI-driven innovations are at the core of modern development. Our specialized testing and certification ensure compliance with automotive standards, facilitating cutting-edge advancements.

Smart Manufacturing

Our services in Smart Manufacturing align AI technologies with industrial regulations, allowing seamless integration and optimal productivity.


With AI revolutionizing healthcare, we provide essential certification to maintain safety and compliance in this sensitive and evolving field.

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Open Positions

Join the exciting journey of safeguarding AI and fostering innovation at Certif.AI.

Explore opportunities to be part of a disruptive team that is shaping the future of AI with offices in Berlin and Hamburg.

Lead Standardization & Regulation Expert

Monitors and implements industry standards & regulatory requirements for AI products.

Berlin Hamburg
Data Science

Conducts data science analysis and develops methods for checking AI safety and performance.


Responsible for the development of scalable tools to automate the testing process.

Berlin Hamburg

Support developing AI testing methods and software components of our AI test tooling.

Berlin Hamburg